Celebrate Cardiology Technologist Day!

Hearts and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand, so it’s certainly fitting that we celebrate those who look after our hearts on February 14 – Cardiology Technologist Day!

Cardiology Technologists, like Susan and Nancy, are necessary to the success of our public health care system. They’re responsible for monitoring and detecting heart disease with the use of a Holter monitor – a type of electrocardiography device for the heart. They also do magnet pacemaker evaluations and stress testing, among many other tasks that assess heart performance.

For those undergoing heart tests, anxiety is not uncommon. As Cardiology Technologists, they are experts in providing patient comfort and safety during procedures, a skill that we all appreciate.

As we know, the heart is a vital organ that needs constant care, and SEIU-West is proud to recognize the valuable work that Cardiology Technologists bring to patients, clients, residents, and the whole health care team.

Share the love on February 14, and thank your Saskatchewan Cardiology Technologists for the wonderful work they do!

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